Please fill out the form below to join the 2017 Towson University Marching Band. If you are interested in joining the Towson University Marching Band but would like more information before joining, please fill out the Contact Form. If you're interested in more information about the 2017 Towson University Marching Band please fill out the Prospective Member Form. If you have any additional questions regarding the Marching Band, please contact us at

Registering with this form does NOT register you for the class. It is for internal TU Band record keeping purposes only. To officially register for MUSA 160/360 (marching band), please contact Enrollment Services or visit


If you do not have your TU Student ID # yet, please send it to as soon as it is issued

Please use your address. If you do not have your TU e-mail address enter the following:


included in uniform fee


If you will be living in university housing or West Village this fall it is VERY important that you select that option in the question below. We have to submit a list to the TU Housing Dept. and if you are not on the list then you may not be able to move into your dorm during early week. Please do not contact housing about early band camp. In August, on our website, we will publish the list of band students who we have submitted for early housing.


Because college students are at least 18 years of age, university bands are not required to have the same medical background information as high school bands. However, If there is any medical information about yourself that should be considered if case of emergency, or could limit you physical performance, we would appreciate it if you shared it with us here. In addition, it may be helpful, since we travel, sharing pertinent information with a fellow band member (if you┬╣re comfortable doing so).

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