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This is very exciting time in your life – the closing of your high school career, and the beginning of your college experience. With so many changes, continuing your participation in a familiar activity, such as marching band, can bring a great deal of stability to your first year at a university. Whether you’re studying music, business, nursing, or any other major, membership in the Towson University Marching Band can give you a support group of 250 new friends!

I am proud to tell you that the Towson University Marching Band is fortunate to have a highly qualified instructional staff to mold your experience. Many of these staff members have reputations as experts within the marching activity. More information about the instructional staff can be found on the staff information section of this website.

What is the atmosphere around the Towson University Marching Band? We are a highly school-spirited and classy organization whose performances are entertaining for a football crowd, yet sophisticated in the marching band world. We believe a positive experience is not just in the end result of performing, but also in the workings of everyday rehearsals.

I look forward to your participation in this years edition of the Towson University Marching Band!


John Miliauskas
Director, The Towson University Marching Band


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