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In May of 2015, Towson University will begin a 13-month long celebration of its 150th Anniversary. Many events, presentations, and creative works will happen over the next year that will highlight the rich and diverse history of the university, including a Kick-Off Celebration and Legacy Walk Ribbon Cutting, monthly Visiting Scholars, and in July a community celebration! Though the festivities are still being planned the celebration will continue for many years to come.

Towson University has gone through many transformations; from name changes to an ever-expanding campus. There is an old-side of campus consisting of the original Towson University building; Stephens Hall, as well as Newell and Richmond Halls. The campus sweeps through to a new-campus highlighted by the College for Liberal Arts and the West Village Commons and dormitories. Each part of campus highlights Towson University’s growth through 150 years.

With nearly 22,000 students, Towson University is among the largest public universities in Maryland. Towson combines research-based learning with practical application, and its many interdisciplinary partnerships with public and private organizations throughout Maryland provide opportunities for research, internships and jobs.

Towson University has come a long way in its history.