Marching Band Participation Scholarship

All members of the TUMB, including color guard, receive a participation scholarship ranging from $500-$1000 for fully participating in a complete marching band season. This money is deposited into each member’s university account at the end of the season.

Marching Band stipends are distributed based on the following pay scale:

  • 1st year members – $500
  • 2nd year members – $650
  • 3rd year members – $850
  • 4th year members – $1,000

To recieve the participation scholarship:

  • No need to fill out a scholarship application; just follow the procedure to become a member of the band.
  • State that you were a member of your high school band (concert, jazz, or marching) or contemporary color guard.
  • All requirements of the band must be fulfilled and, in particular, the Attendance Policy and the Code of Conduct must be followed.

Pep Band Stipends

Pep Band stipends are distributed based on the following pay scale per game:

  • 1st year members –$20 per game
  • 2nd year members – $25 per game
  • 3rd year or more members _ $30 per game

The pep band performs at all home basketball games and a select few other events on campus, and stipend amount does increase during University breaks.  Stipend money is deposited into each member’s university account in the late spring.  In order to receive the stipend, each band member must remain a “member in good standing” throughout the season. This is defined by the rules, regulations, and policies in this handbook. For some games there will be a limited number of stipends available. Who receives a stipend will be determined by: instrumentation, first to sign up, seniority, marching band membership, January availability, and game conduct.

Financial Aid Information

If a TUMB member already receives substantial financial aid, he/she should know that there is a limit to how much aid one individual can receive. Be aware of the following statement from the university:

From Financial Aid…

If you are a financial aid recipient, receiving a marching band participation scholarship can result in a reduction to another part of your financial aid offer. Even if you do not apply for financial aid, you should be aware of Towson’s Over-Award Policy for Scholarships. For this and more information on financial aid and scholarships, visit the Financial Aid Office Web site at

From Mr. Miliauskas…

My understanding is that every student has a maximum amount of financial aid (Scholarships, Stipends, Loans, etc.) that can be received. If the Marching Band or Pep Band Scholarship/Stipend increases that total amount over the limit, a rebate check will not be issued. Instead, the funds will be applied to reduce the amount of a loan or other type of aid.