Student leadership is vital to the success of the TUMB. We refer to our leadership team as “SMAC”, which stands for Student Marching Advisory Council. Field SMAC consists of our drum majors and section leaders. These students play a significant role in the show planning and instructional process as part of an educational lab experience. Administrative SMAC consists of our crews’ and committees’ members. Students in these roles fulfill organizational tasks such as field set up, banquet planning, and documenting our season for historical purposes. We are proud to have established a world-class university marching band that fosters student ownership as we prepare our band members to be successful educators and professionals.

2022 SMAC 

Drum Majors

Brandon Brinkmeyer

Sooin Cho

Matt Hodge

Daniel Mills

Student Staff

Nicci Bonner – Administrative

Anna Fuhrman – Music

Brass Captains

Matt Hodge

Dan Mills

Woodwind Captains

Colby Bragg

Max Quill

Marching Coordinators

Matt Hodge

Grace Kaminiski

Dan Mills


Jesse Griffith – Section Coordinator, Marching

Isaiah Thomas – Music


Eric Hall – Marching

Abigail Wist – Section Coordinator, Music


Mark Angelot – Tenors, Marching

Colby Bragg – Tenors, Music

Ethan Bloom – Sax Section Coordinator, Tenors Marching

Bryce Lewis – Altos, Marching

Max Quill – Altos, Music, Marching


Stephen Hanke – Music, Marching

Noli Jardine – Music, Marching

Jacob Ratledge – Assistant Marching, Section Coordinator


Dillon Burke – Marching

Grace Kaminski – Music, Marching

Bernard Lewis – Music

John Mulholland – Marching

Susie Park – Co-Section Coordinator

Ben Rivenburgh – Co-Section Coordinator

Low Brass

Megan Goss- Marching, Section Coordinator

Tom Westendorf – Music, Marching


Kaitlyn Thompson – Music

Cory Larsson – Section Coordinator, Marching

Percussion Section Leaders

Nina Hodos – Percussion Co-Section Coordinator, Bass Drum Section Leader

Kirsten Barton – Percussion Co-Section Coordinator, TUFE Section Leader

Jason Gleaton – Percussion Co-Section Coordinator

David Bailer – Battery Visual Coordinator

Zack Boyce – Snare Section Leader

Adam Seymour – Tenor Section Leader

Kaleb Stateler – Cymbal Section Leader

Kara Weikert – Cymbal Section Leader

Michael Sheets – TUFE Section Leader

Anna Welsh – TUFE Section Leader

Color Guard

Caroline Etherton – Sabres

Michelle Jin – Body, Flags

Allison Lee – Section Coordinator

Rachel Plumley – Rifles

Phoebe Rhoads – Flags

Julia Phillips – Section Coordinator, Rifles