Student leadership is vital to the success of the TUMB. We refer to our leadership team as “SMAC”, which stands for Student Marching Advisory Council. Field SMAC consists of our drum majors and section leaders. These students play a significant role in the show planning and instructional process as part of an educational lab experience. Administrative SMAC consists of our crews’ and committees’ members. Students in these roles fulfill organizational tasks such as field set up, banquet planning, and documenting our season for historical purposes. We are proud to have established a world-class university marching band that fosters student ownership as we prepare our band members to be successful educators and professionals.

The 2024 World Famous Towson University Marching Band Student Leaders

SMAC – Student Marching Advisory Council

Lists are in alphabetical order

Student Director

Ben Novak

Drum Majors

Ethan Bloom

Brandon Brinkmeyer

Vincent Green

Caroline Little

Student Staff

Megan Goss

Brass Captains

Student Director & DM’s

Woodwind Captains

Alice Davis

Ethan Bloom

Marching Coordinators

Megan Goss – Oversight

Matt James

Caroline Little

Chloe White

Health & Wellness Coordinator

Bryce Lewis

Emily Trdina


Carissa Hernandez – Music

Ella Mansen – Coordinator

Erin Ormsby – Marching


Alivia Baggott – Marching, Co-Coordinator


Alice Davis – Alto and Sax Choir Music

Matt James – Marching

Lily Medley – Co-Coordinator

Ethan Minsky – Co-Coordinator, Marching


Dustin Baker – Music, Marching

Bryce Lewis – Marching

Susie Park – Co-Coordinator

Mark Rhoderick – Music

Abby Spies – Co-Coordinator

Bethany Spies – Marching


Chloe White – Music, Marching

Kaylie Wims – Coordinator, Marching

Scott Taylor – Music Asst. 

Low Brass

Russell Dixon – Music

Hailey Quinlin – Coordinator, Marching

Tom Westendorf – Marching, Music

Adam Wyscarver – Music, Marching


Kevin Owen – The Big 3


Adamah Jackson – Tenor Coordinator

Addie Chason – TUFE Coordinator 2

Braeden Devnew – Snare Section Leader

Claire Gandianko – Cymbal Coordinator

Hunter Sauer – Tenor Section Leader

Jack Bennet – TUFE Coordinator 1

Jacob Carder – Snare Coordinator

Robert Phillips – Bass Section Leader

Sarah Welsh – Cymbal Section Leader

Wilencia Gilbert – TUFE Section Leader

Zoe Lachewitz – Bass Coordinator 

Color Guard

Paige Detwiler

Emilie Stoudt