This form is meant for students who have submitted their band audition/application, and are confirming their spot at band camp in August!

If you still need to apply and audition, please see the “2024 TUMB Audition Information” page linked above.

2024 Band Camp RSVP Form

By filling out this form, you're letting us know that you're committed to joining the TUMB for the Fall of 2024! You should ONLY fill out this form if you are a returning member or have submitted an audition for this year's Marching Band. This form will close on Monday July 22, 2024! Band Camp will start Friday August 16, 2024!


If you do not have your TU Student ID # yet, please send it to as soon as it is issued

Please use your address.

Please write "Undecided" if you have not declared a major yet.


Ex: Washington County, Frederick County, Hartford County, etc.


Fall '20 and Spring '21 count as one year

Class/Rehearsal times are Monday/Wednesday from 3:30-5:15p and Friday 3:30-6:30p

included in uniform fee

This is used to determine the size shoe needed to wear Black MTX Marching Shoes for the season. If you already own a pair of Black MTX Marching Shoes, you may continue to wear them.

All members are required to wear this type of shoe. There is a $40 fee for a new pair.


Because college students are at least 18 years of age, university bands are not required to have the same medical background information as high school bands. However, If there is any medical information about yourself that should be considered in case of emergency, or could limit your physical performance, we would appreciate it if you shared it with us here. This also includes any food allergies or dietary restrictions you may have. In addition, it may be helpful, since we travel, sharing pertinent information with a fellow band member (if you're comfortable doing so).

Additional Information

Is there any additional information, questions, or concerns that the TUMB administration should be aware of?

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