TUMB Parent Testimonials

What a phenomenal experience to watch our daughter in her first year with the Towson University Marching Band!  I’m sure others have had experience with high school bands that were large and had a lot of great players, won competitions all the time, etc., but our daughter came from a thirty member band in high school, so this huge band has just excited us with the talent and enthusiasm with which they consistently perform–and to watch our daughter fitting in and completely enjoying her experience, has given us such joy.  Also, the upper class students and staff have been nothing but kind and gracious and helpful to both our daughter and us as freshman parents.  Kudos and best wishes to this great organization–we hope our daughter gets to be a TUMB member every year that she is a student at Towson.  Thank you for the music and fun!!

– Chris and Erica Snipes, parents of Teresa Snipes (Alto Sax)

If you are worried about your son or daughter meeting new friends or how they will fit in at college, encourage them to sign up for the marching band. My son started at Towson 2 years ago knowing only one other student. His membership in the Towson Marching Band gave him an instant circle of friends that have been his family for the last 2 years. Yes, Marching Band requires a lot of time, but students seem to have better time management skills when they have a full schedule. They realize early on that time is limited and manage someway to fit everything in. When friends ask if my son is enjoying Towson, I am pleased to inform them that Towson has been a glove fit, and how band has been the reason he has had such a positive experience. 

-Cinda Maul, mother of Brian Maul (alto saxophone alumni)

Would I recommend joining the World Famous Towson University Matching Band?—in a heartbeat!  I’m not only a TUMB parent, but an alum as well.  At the core, my experience in the band in the mid-1980s (woodwind and color guard sections) is very similar to those of my son’s today (tenor in the drumline) in that when this group gets together you are a part of a team that makes really great music.  You’ll truly make friends that will last a lifetime.  What’s different now vs. then?  The level of music and performance is amazing!  Every year the bar raised a little higher with spectacular shows and amazing sound.  If you want to belong to a top notch organization and represent your community, university and state, TUMB is the group to join.

-Janet St. Pierre, mother of Michael St. Pierre (percussion alumni)

Marching band for my son was a very positive experience in high school. He formed some strong friendships and gained a very strong sense of team effort and reward. The fact that he was able to take this experience to the next level in college has proven very beneficial for him. The opportunity to participate in a college marching band gave him an area of expertise and experience at a time and place that was otherwise totally new. Although he now has many friends outside of the marching band, it has provided him an excellent springboard to develop those initial college friendships that help so much in the early stages of the college experience. 

-David Tart, father of David Tart (percussion alumni)

-Jennifer Lyons, mother of Melanie Lyons (trumpet alumni)

My son was a member of his high school competition marching band, full marching band and wind ensemble. Being in the band was a positive experience for him.  With a full class schedule, band practices and performances he learned the true meaning of time management. I encouraged my son to join TUMB because I really wanted him to experience the difference between high school marching band and college marching band. 

-Angela Jones, mother of Anthony Jones (percussion alumni)

The Towson University Marching Band is one of the best aspects of Towson University. My daughter had an easy transition to college life by attending marching band camp a week earlier than other freshmen, had a great opportunity to develop long lasting friendships, and being part of this organization has kept her very focused on her commitments and studies. 

-Lisa Abbey, mother of Erica Abbey (clarinet alumni)

The Towson University Marching Band has been a wonderful experience for my son. He joined in his Junior year and was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was. The new director, John Miliauskas, has created an atmosphere of camaraderie and creativity unlike anything my son had experienced before with marching bands. He will treasure the two years that he spent with the TU Marching Band (and I have it all on videotape to show his family when he has one of his own). 

-Trish Davis, mother of Craig Davis (alto saxophone alumni)

How do I express how incredible Kim’s experience in the world-famous Towson University Marching Band has been!  It was with tears that we watched her last performance, which we drove up from NJ for, at the last football game of the season in this her senior year.  The marching band became Kim’s family on campus during these past four years. It was the joy that got her up ridiculously early on weekend mornings, the determination to do the best she could at every practice and to never let her fellow band-mates down.  It is the experience that will most define her college experience as she moves forward in life and I know it will only add to her ability to take on any challenge, overcome any fears, and succeed in her future endeavors.  Thank you Mr. Miliauskas and all the hard-working band members and dedicated band parents for a wonderful four years and memories that will last a lifetime. 

-Lisa Meyer, mother of Kim Meyer (flute/trombone alumni)

New friends from all over the place.
Improved musicianship.
Opportunity, through exposure to Towson’s great music department to explore other areas of performance.
AND, to see in the faces and voices of the fans in the stands who are begging the band to “give them the sauce”, that the Towson University Marching Band brings a lot of fun, joy and excitement to the game. Even if the football team lost, everyone’s leaving the stadium with a smile on their faces because the band’s performance is always fun, always entertaining and always excellent! 

-Laura Weldon, mother of Amy Weldon (trumpet alumni)

We were so happy for our son Matthew at the end of this past summer when he successfully auditioned for the bass guitar position in the marching band. Although he was an incoming freshman voice major at Towson, he quickly fit into the band organization. Matthew really enjoys his time with the band and it has made the transition from high school to college away from home an easy one for him.

He quickly established friendships with many of the band members at the Band Camp before the fall semester, associations that has led to healthy musical, social and athletic interactions for him early in his college career. He also enjoyed performing with the Pep Band at basketball games this season. We were fortunate enough to be able to attend a few of the football games last fall and basketball games this winter to watch Matthew perform, to hear the excellent band music and to see the excitement generated in the fans by these great bands.

Mr. John Miliauskas has done a wonderful job selecting the repertoire and directing both the marching and pep bands.

-John and Diane Lowe, parents of Matthew Lowe (bass guitar alumni)


What members of TUMB Band Members have to say….

Band is the reason I stayed at Towson. When I first came to college, I didn’t do marching band. My first month or so of college was lonely and really dull because for the first time since elementary school, I wasn’t doing music. I went to the first football game as a patron and when the band performed, I was starstruck; I vowed that I’d do it the next year. Somehow, the stars aligned and there was a hole in the saxophone section that needed to be filled, and when M called me, I took the opportunity. Because of band, I met my best friends, I joined Phi Mu Alpha, became smac for two years, and I became a music performance minor. I owe so many amazing things in my life to joining the TUMB. 

Nick Reveille, Alto Sax

When I came to Towson as a freshman, I didn’t have any friends. I’m a quiet, reserved person, and I figured I was going to not make any friends. However, the TUMB wouldn’t let me be lonely. My section welcomed me with open arms, and I even had people outside of my section coming up to me and talking to me. By the end of my first semester, I was even more in love with the TUMB, and I had more friends than I could count. Because of the TUMB, I met friends who would later become my brothers in ΦΜΑ, and I met people that I plan to keep by my side well into the future. I will never be able to give back to the TUMB what it gave to me, and I dread to think about what my college career would have been had I not joined my freshman year.

– Rain Rickett, Baritone

I chose TU not only for my major program but for mainly the marching band. I saw the TUMB my junior year in high school and it changed my perspective of what a marching band was. I came to Towson’s Summer High School Band Camp to learn how to march and how to play an instrument so I could march in my senior year of high school. After that, I never left. I’ve never been to a sporting event at Towson without an instrument in hand and I have no regrets. Joining this band let’s you gain an instant 200 friends before the year starts and a chance to grow in what can be the best years of your life. I recommend at least trying a year of marching band to see if it fits for you. Plus, we sound awesome and look good; but I’m trying not to be biased!

-Jalen Swain, Baritone alumni and Administrative Assistant

-Abby Lemen, Flute alumni and Volunteer Coordinator

My second year with the Towson University Marching Band has been incredible. I’ve been able to see myself grow within this organization which is one of the best ever. I’ve come even more out of my shell and enjoyed all of the challenges this season has had (my favorite being unloading the trailers and performing all within 30 minutes). 

-Matthew Hall, Front Ensemble

When I was a freshman in high school, the Towson University Marching Band performed at one of the high school competitions my school attended. I was immediately hooked. I had my heart set on Towson University and marching with the great TUMB after that. After three and a half long years of waiting, I attended my first band camp for Towson University. On day one of band camp I met some of my now best friends. The TUMB is a huge family and it made leaving home (over two hours away) a much easier thing to do. Before classes even started, I had more friends than I could count to help me with anything I needed. I always felt like I had a one up on all of the other freshman because I already knew where everything was and I already had a huge group of friends. 

During my four years with the TUMB, I had the opportunity to be involved in many once in a lifetime experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Marching with the TUMB was one of the must fulfilling and enjoyable experiences. 

My college experience was made by the Towson University Marching Band. I have no idea what the last four years would have been like without the marching band and everyone involved with it. My last show with the TUMB was more emotional then graduation was (it’s true…even the manly men in my section cried after our last show). It’s more than just becoming part of another marching band, it is about becoming part of a family.

-Kara Short, Baritone

-Ime Mark, Alto Sax

Marching band is a great way to make the transition into college fun and easy. Everyone from fellow freshmen to super seniors to staff members are there to not only help you with music, but answer your questions about Towson. It’s awesome to already have friends at college before you start classes. 

-Sean Frampton, Bass Drum

Marching band has always been a part of my life since middle school, and it was only natural for me to continue when I began college. Although there is a time commitment involved, the benefits of establishing new friendships and being a part of something great more then made up for it. I thoroughly enjoy marching with the TUMB, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. 

-Sarah Stalcup, Trumpet

Coming from a school that was sparse in number of musicians, I was somewhat disheartened throughout my career as a high school trombone player. People did not project through the music a sense of understanding and passion that I thought was absent. When I joined the Towson University Marching Band, I not only found other musicians who were passionate about what they do, I found some friends. 

-Nicholas Burrier, Trombone

Some people say that college is hard to make true friends. Doing Color Guard at Towson nullifies that. You work hard with these people, you sweat with these people, you learn with these people, you laugh with these people, and you grow to love these people. You have a week of nothing but these other men and women and it’s amazing. I really feel like I’m part of a team at Towson and I couldn’t replace the memories and friends that Towson Color Guard has given me! 

-Mandy Georgieff, Color Guard

From the first day of Early Week, each member of the Towson University Marching Band has a whole family by his or her side, not just within one’s section, but in the entire band as well. By the time school begins, you already know over a hundred people who you’re sure to run into on campus. Though you might not know everyone’s name at first, you can always say, “Hey, aren’t you in marching band? You stand behind me in the opener!” or something like that. 

-Billy Georg, Percussion

When people ask about my freshman year at college, one of the first few things I say is, joining the marching band was the greatest decision I ever made. During the summer I was very unsure about joining the band, because I was told that it took up a lot of time, and I am not a music major. However, the one thing that sold me on joining the band was the fact that Mr. Miliauskas personally called my house, and just talked to me about how much fun the band will be and how great the people are.

The rehearsal time was very flexible, it was three days a week and then on Saturdays and some Sundays. However, you have plenty of time to do school work. That was my biggest concern, and I noticed that it was easy to manage my schedule with band, my social life and school work, and I ended my semester with a 4.0. So it is easy. The greatest thing about the Towson University Marching Band is you are able to walk around campus, and you will see someone you know…as an incoming freshman or transfer student, that is a really good feeling.

Marching Band helped adjusting to college so much easier because during early week, you meet 120 kids who are always looking for new friends and are welcoming. Being a part of the TU Marching Band was the greatest thing that I’ve done at college, I made amazing friends and cannot wait until the new season starts!!

-Jenn Pretyka, Flute

Being a part of the Towson University Marching Band increased my playing skill to an amazing level, as well as improving my marching skills. Rehearsals had dedication poured into them, but they went extremely smoothly since great lessons and techniques were covered. It was extremely easy to adapt to college since I was able to make friends with upper classmen and other great peers. 

-Matt Minchello, Percussion